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Nadya Suleman: Mom of 14 kids

Why are Americans complainging about their taxe$ supporting 14 kids when our taxe$ support millions of children born to illegal immigrants?

Seems like the Americans are going crazy of this Nayda Suleman lady with all the kids and I do share in some ...

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The New Law for Teen Drivers in Pennsylvania?

Okay, so here's the thing:
I live in Maryland, but will soon be moving to southern PA with my father. According to something I saw on the news, there will be a new driver's law possibly enforced for driver's under the age of 18.
The Law will state tha...

82 views · Politics & Law

Illegal Immmigrant

I work in a church raising funds for unfortunate families. On portion of the team raises money to help the priests go to school and have a healthy living home. The head of that department is an illegal immigrant who don't care what happens to the next ...

10 views · Politics & Law

In a loveless marriage and found happiness

I am in a loveless marriage. I am on my second marriage and when we married it wasn't for love. We married to try to make a home for our son we had out of wedlock. That is a story of its own. We have been married since June of 02. We really haven'...

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is there anyone out there who could tell me what to do about my debt?

i took out a payday advance loan online to help catch up with past due bills. well the loan that i was approved for didn't offer enough money to cover 1 bill and i had several. i then applied for a loan 2 in which i was approved for the same amount whi...

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What do you all think of this idea in regard to the recent school shootings?:

We have alot of veterans coming home who can't find a job (which is very sad) Many of them are partially disabled.
I would support giving them a job (if they wanted it) as school security.
They are already highly trained, and their pay wouldn't come ...

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Cell phone issues

Hey everyone!

I just put $45 on my cell phone just the other day...I'm signed with telus pay as you go. Unlimited 45 means I get..
* unlimited early nights and weekends (6pm - 7 am)
*unlimited local incoming calls
*unlimited text, picture and video me...

10 views · Computers & Tech

Financial Companies calling everyday

I was laid off my job in July 2008 and have been looking for work, but with the economy I haven't had much luck. My husband has had his pay cut at work and hours since I was laid off. We got behind on several of our bills and I have called to try to w...

15 views · Jobs & Money

How do I help out my mom and dad without trying to take over?

Ok my mom and dad have soon to be 8 kids still with them and they have 5 kitty's 2 are mine and they have 2 dogs.I want to help them b/c we make a higher income and my dad's on diability b/c of his back injury.I feel like I should pay for their cable/p...

34 views · Parents & Family

How can I cope with this stress?

I have a similar situation as the lady with a 23 yr old daughter still at home. My daughter is in her 20's, BUT she has a young child. Only income she has is a small amount of child support. She contributes nothing to expenses; how can she? How could I...

15 views · Health

what should I do about thiis???

my boyfriend and his family are kinda low on money all the time.
his dad just dyed so his mom has no source of income now (shes a stay at home mom)
I moved in with them 3 months ago.
I work full time so I try to help out with money.
I get paid onc...

28 views · Love & Relationships

How can I become a teacher?

so recently I've decided what id like to do with my life. I want to become a school teacher. Id like to start out as an elementary then on to middle school. and possibly high school. Then as time goes by id like to end up being a college professor at a...

46 views · Jobs & Money

Baby in college?

My boyfriend and I are both freshmen in college. Although it is far away, we are already talking about marriage and planning our wedding for May of 2013. Immediately following school he has to serve in the Air Force for 2 years and I will follow him. W...

14 views · Love & Relationships

What to do when I'm 27, 5'7'', 148lbs, and too fat for my husband?

I searched everywhere to answer this... and got nothing... as I said in the title... im 5'7", and 148 pounds... my husband says I am fat and there fore ugly... litterly... he's off at the golf course most days and evenings... he comes calls home, expec...

89 views · Love & Relationships

Where can a convicted felon get a job in Oklahoma?

I was convicted in May of 1992 and did 2 years and 8 months in prison. That was 17 years ago. I was released, discharged my time, no parole or probation in January of 1995. I have went from job to job over the years, but I am now approaching the age of...

278 views · Jobs & Money

How to make him see he needs to spend more time with us?

Ok... Here's the deal.
I'm 18, married & live on my own.
My husband & I have been together close to 4 years. We just had a baby.. She is 6 months now. I go to college fulltime (4 days a week/ 3 hours a day) and hubby is at work from 6am-7pm. So we hard...

27 views · Love & Relationships

How can I select a video game system for me and my granddaughter?

I need some expert advice.. Outside of a very brief experience with a fun game called animal crossing on a hand-held ds system, I have NO experience with video games, but would like to get a system appropriate for me & my 5 year-old grandaughter to pl...

31 views · Gaming & Games

Why am I so Nervous?

I've been talking to a girl that's an incoming freshman at my college almost all summer. I started to realize that although I haven't hung out with her because of the distance, almost 2 hours between us, that I am starting to like her. Come to find ou...

56 views · Love & Relationships

Should I stay or should I go?

I've been married for almost a decade and I dont know if I made the right decision of marrying him.. I know he loves me so much and he's been loyal to me ever since but with him I am emotionally battered.. He often say words that are painful on my par...

13 views · Love & Relationships

Jobless & hopeless

I live in my parent's annexe with my fiancé and five cats. I'm 24 years old and feel like I've achieved nothing at all. With only one income (my fiancé's) coming in, we tend to struggle a lot finacially. Stress usually occurs when this becomes too much...

44 views · General Knowledge

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