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How do I get into the adult film industry?

I was wandering if any1 knows how to get into the industry of being an adult film-entertainer. Let me know! Thanks.

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what are some good EBM or Industrial dance bands ?

what are some good EBM or Industrial dance bands like
die krupps

54 views · Music

Which should I get industrial or tragus?

I'm deciding which one I want. I really like both but I don't want both. Help.?

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When should I change my industrial barbell?

My industrial piercing is 2 weeks old. How long are you supposed to wait before you can change the bar?

1558 views · Beauty & Style

What does "industrial" mean?

I was reading somehting untril it say "he kiss her until his piercing got stuck on her industrial3
What does "industrial" mean?

106 views · General Knowledge

Got my industrial piercing yesterday but it still bleeds a tiny bit

I got my industrial piercing yesterday but it still bleeds a tiny bit when I clean it? Its it nothing to worry about?

823 views · Beauty & Style

Will goodwill industries hire a felon?

Will goodwill industries hire a felon that has rehabilitated and never served time..I need a second chance

180 views · Jobs & Money

Industrial piercing (scaffold)

I had my industrial piercing done yesterday. And now I don't know how long my ear can't be wet? how long I can't wash my head?

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Industrial Revolution and the River Rhine

I have to write an essay about industrial revolution in the river rhine but I am stuck I cant find any thing .
My qustion is:
how was river rhine polluted after industrial revolution?

34 views · Education & School

How do I clean a swollen and infected industrial bar?

Well I THINK it's infected or at least getting there, so at the very least, I want to prevent it.

64 views · Beauty & Style

Where did the Industrial Revolution begin?

a. The United States
b. England
c. Belgium
d. France

11 views · Politics & Law

I'm wondering what is the pain level and healing time of an industrial piercing

I'm getting it down Monday HELP

92 views · Health

Why does my industrial piercing still hurt?

I've had my industrial piercing for like 4 months now and it still hurts when I wash it or move it around...any advice??

2065 views · Beauty & Style

What are some good industrial bands?

does anyone know any good industrial bands I love nine inch nails and I wanted to know if anyone knew any simillar music?

172 views · Music NSFW

Is $80 a lot for an industrial piercing?

Should I try elsewhere? Someone recommended this place to me, but I'm rather broke.

29 views · Beauty & Style

industrial ear piercing and hip piercings

around how much do they cost?
how long to they take to heal?
how bad do they hurt?

393 views · Beauty & Style

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