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Drafting supplies

Piercings what supplies will I neeed for aftercare?

I've decided to get my monroe pierced along with myy bellybutton,,
What type of supplies will ii need for aftercare??

21 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

How much does it cost for baby supplies?

Do you know how much diapers would cost,baby formula,and just supplies
For a baby.???

I tried looking on and target but it
Didn't have anything like that on there???!!!

31 views · Shopping

What do you guys feel about adding lithium to the public water supply?

I found this on the Huffington post and well, I want to know what you guys think about it :)

17 views · Politics & Law

Where can I get the best deals on school supplies?

I'm going back to school in 2 weeks and I keep seeing commercials from various stores about deals they have, what are some of the best?

10 views · Shopping

What are some good foods that I can get a good supply of potassium from other than bananas?

I want to include more of these foods because they're energizing and they give you those gorgeous half moons on your fingernails :)

9 views · Nutrition & Fitness

What's wrong with my eMachine power supply?

my old emachine motherboard comes on but the power supply gives me probelms and i would like to know why because i want to use this tower for my home network system

37 views · Computers & Tech

What is the best online pet supplies store?

Preferably in the UK or with delivery to the UK. ^-^ Which sites have the best deals? [I'm looking for an explorer cage, if that makes any difference] xD Thank you ^0^

19 views · Pets & Animals

School Supply Lists

I am going to Legacy High School and I cant seem to find a school supply list. I've googled Legacy High School supply lists and nothing comes up. I've gone to and it has a link to Supply list. But when I click on it, it doesnt work. Can you...

32 views · Education & School

Drafting Plan

Write a Drafting Plan describing the contracts you are going to draft in the Final Writing Project for the contracts involved in the Excello Acquisition fact scenario. Identify each contract, and each of the provisions in each contract, which you inten...

16 views · Education & School

Could anyone suggest a store that supplies string?

Ok, I'm looking for string for friendship bracelets, you the ones you make at camp. Could anyone suggest a store that supplies string? Preferably a chain store that would have a store in my town.

14 views · Shopping

FunAdvice Trivia: Which NFL Football team had drafted most 'Heisman Trophy' winners?

A) Oakland Raiders
B) Dallas Cowboys
C) Detroit Lions
D) Houston Oilers

9 views · FunAdvice Community

Office supplies?

I've been looking for this item, its plastic, shaped like a triangle, and you can put folders, or papers in it. it stands straight up and down...not left to right. any 1 know what this thing is called??

17 views · Shopping

Do you think the Canadian government would have a conscription (draft) if presented with the chance of war?

I know they did during 1917, the conscription crisis, but it caused a huge gap in Canada because many of the Quebecqois didn't want to fight the war.

11 views · Politics & Law

What supplies would a 7th grader need for school?

My sister already has 3 composition books, 4 mechanical pencils, 25 eraser tops, 6 highlighters, and 100 index cards. What else does she need?

28 views · Education & School

Breastmilk supply

I mostly pump and sometimes nurse. Is it true that the more you pump the more you will produce? I'm not sure it's completely true. At the end of the day I don't get any more milk by pumping 3 or 4 times a day than I do if I only pumped once in the eve...

37 views · Kids

Why is there a draft system being implemented (Selective Service System)? mandatory registration by the time a man turns 18 and ends until he is 26. Or so goes my understanding, can someone explain to me why in a few years I have to register for something my ideology conflicts directly against?

33 views · Politics & Law

What is a good name for a blog about decorating school supplies?

I have so many ideas for decorating and personalizing school supplies/lockers and I want to start a blog! Ive been sitting here for an hour thinking of names but I'm stuck! I want it to be something cute and girly but to the point about the whole decor...

11 views · General Knowledge

Are Art Supplies A Good Gift To Get For A Four Year Old's Birthday?

How do I know what to get my grandson for his next birthday? He's turning
four in May, and I'd like to make sure I get him the right kind of gift
for his birthday. His dad (my son) says he likes to play games, read, and
already has tons of toys. Do ...

149 views · Kids

How much supplies might I need?

Hi this time me and my art group are trying to build a life size canoe and a person fishing and I want an idea of how much duck tape wire and pvc pipe I would need thanks for the advice this site rocks!!

16 views · Shopping

Were to get graffiti supplies need asap

I was wondering were in saskatchewan, canada could I get good graffiti supplies as to my knowledge there is no graf shops around and I cannot buy off the net so if anyone knows of any stores that are not american and common that have many good supplies...

50 views · General Knowledge

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