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Taking a urine drug test in 2 days

I have to take a urinary drug test for a job on monday, and I did smoke a lot of pot the weekend before for the holidays, but I havent smoked in 5 days is there any way im going to pass this? I am drinking a lot of water and I bought sure gel, but I ha...

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really need help.. please

I've been trying to do this for 3days.. and its due tomorrow.. I dont want answers.. just help. please!

- establish justice
- provide for the common defense
- promote the general welfare
- secure the blessings of liberty

answer the following ...

14 views · Education & School

Is this a good query/cover letter for a movie script?

If you guys don't know a cover letter is what you send to producers and production companies before sending a real script in, just to give 'em a taste of what the movie is about. This is mine so tell me if it's good please:

My name is Megan. I'll keep...

35 views · Art, Writing & Literature

1st Amendment

Well I know I've been al ittle busy lately and I havent gotten around to answering a lot of questions but now I have a question for all of you ...

"Do you all believe that if you work in a place where the standards of your job is to promote and enfo...

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What will come to replace monotheism?

Nothing lasts forever. No matter how much humans have believed absolutely that one brand or style of devotion is right, another has eventually come to dominate - even if it is effectively a re-labelling or re-invention of what has gone before. The one ...

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Should how we came to be taught in school?

This is already happenning but I think it is counterproductive to education. No theory or believe to be truth should be taught to kids how we came to be. Science is not just about one scientists perception but a open field of discovery. To promote a op...

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Is this overdoing asking someone to homecoming?

I'm planning on asking a girl to homecoming (I've know her for a long time, but just as friends), however, I've learned that two other people would like to ask her (not a soul knows who I want to ask). So, I want to ask her as early as possible (there'...

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Do those enhancing treatments work?

Ok so im a little self-concious (<<spelled right? lol) about my breast size,I BARELY fill out and A probably a AA and im 19 and everyone says that when your 19 your pretty much done growing,at least in that area.. Needless to say,im flat cheste...

35 views · Beauty & Style

Complaining about weight

Why do people complain so much about their weight and go on all of these crazy eat whatever you want diets, and diet pills when all they have to do is eat right? I mean if you drink milk and juice and avoid things like coffee, frapachino's, latte's, s...

53 views · Nutrition & Fitness

How to tame hair?

I'm biracial & I love my hair but I would love to wear my natural hair (because I usually straighten it but not everyday more like 3-4 times a year or less) My problem is my hair only lays down when wet (also after brushing & combing it when wet) but t...

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Compaq and Hp's?

Okay so my mom but an Hp officejet All-in-one printer/fax/scanner.. It was working kinda okay.. (it only printed). Then recently after my mom moved the computer and the all-in-one around. It put the all-in-one offline. when I put it back online it said...

36 views · Computers & Tech

Why is this never mentioned when it comes to anorexia?

Ok, so last night I was watching a programme about eating disorders and decided to go and research it a bit. (I'm not planning on starving myself - I find the whole thing more than just disgusting) and I came upon something -which I have never heard of...

17 views · Health

Should we help you with every other social network out there?

So we get a lot of social networking related questions. Some get removed, some don't. For the record - our site has *never* raised money from third parties. We have listed our values on our "about us" page. We're not making millions of dollars (in fact...

7 views · FunAdvice Community

Dying my "cappuccino" brown hair barbie doll blonde

I have also dyed my hair from raven black back to barbie doll blonde before (about 5 years ago) and don't quite remember if I used the "Superblonde" bleach ($15 @ walgreens) once or twice when lightening it. I am just asking whether I should bleach my ...

156 views · Beauty & Style

Big decision

I've just been in long meetings all day long, and have been asked to move to new york to be a full time music promoter. I guess my whole deal is that I moved from texas to nevada 2 years ago, and I have had success that I thought would never be possibl...

12 views · Jobs & Money

What can I do if I live with a family of slobs?

I am 18, and I would move out, but there is no way I can afford college simultaneously, so I live with my parents and sister. They toss stuff in the garbage until it is overflowing without at least changing out the bag, leave dirty dishes out and open ...

153 views · Parents & Family

What happens if you bleach over bleached hair? How long do wait?

What happens if you bleach over already bleached hair??

How long do you have to wait until you can do it AGAIN?

Do you need to wait until your hair returns to a certain chemichal balance? "ph" balance or something?

Ok, so I had...

1279 views · Beauty & Style

Oil from Cannabis Hemp

I came across an article in High Times a little while ago:

Hemp as a Fuel Alternative
Biofuels such as biodiesel and alcohol fuel can be made from the oils in hemp seeds and stalks, and the fermentation of the plant as a whole, respectively. The en...

50 views · Environmental Issues

How do I deal with being in a position of authority at a young age?

I've worked at my job for a long time, and my newest position isn't technically a promotion, it's more like moving from employee to a person with way more responsibility and who oversees the other employees; I'm one step under the managers. The people ...

33 views · Jobs & Money

HELP on pimples , dry oily skin ?!!!!

for the last couple of days I have been getting pimples , I dont know how I got them all of the sudden I have little pimples on my forehead.I have also goten a couple on my cheeks.I hate how they skin also have dry skin and oily skin.It looks ...

40 views · Beauty & Style

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