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Hi! Welcome. I'm interested in entrepreneurship, photography and programming. Let me help you with questions in any of those areas.

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    I hate waiting in line. And so do you. Back in the day I had this job that required travel to different parts of the USA two-to-three times a week. One day I would be in South Carolina and the very next day in Salt Lake City. And the bane of my existence was having to wait at the car rental counter once I left the plane.

    Luckily, there's something called "pre-registration" and when our company's travel department switched to doing this, I felt so much like a baller! And now, I'm gonna show you how to get it.

    This guide is sponsored by [Rental Scanner]( Rental Scanner provides the best car rental prices right around the world. Check them out before your next trip!

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    If you’re one of the many lonely bachelors from North America, Western Europe or Australia who secretly desire to find a perfect eastern European wife, you should accept this desire and try to make it happen.

    Forget the stigma attached to it, because many more men are beginning to desire a more traditional wife that is not only beautiful, but that will love them, help raise children and build a life together.

    Join us and walk through the steps that will make this process work out.

    This guide is sponsored by [real Ukrainian Brides](, a site dedicated to finding you a real Ukrainian wife.

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    Remember the days when you had to pay someone to create a website? With many services these days, pretty much anyone can create a new website in under an hour. Now it takes almost zero technical background with tools like Wordpress, Ghost, Wiz, Squarespace etc.

    This guide is brought to you by [Site Guide Ninja](, a cool team of dudes with more than 10 years of experience creating websites for a wide range of industries.

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    The world is in a panic over Covid-19 (Novel Corona Virus). While it does make sense to be careful, it does not make sense to panic. So with that in mind here is our simple guide to minimizing the risk of getting the virus.

    Funadvice has prepared this simple, common sense guide for you.

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    How we reach consumers is changing. In this attention based economy, simply posting on your social media account or on your website is not enough. You have to pick the right audience, drive the traffic to the right places, make the right offers and cultivate the leads through to buying.

    This is why, more than ever, [a career in Digital Marketing]( is one of the most forward looking skills you can have. And best of all it can be acquired in a few short months without a painstaking and costly university degree.

    Here's a useful guide for you to pick the right school to learn this important skill. We'll walk you through what you should look for, what you should learn and what kind of job you can get afterwards.

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    Only one of out of hundreds of applicants get hired for a job opening. And half of the time that one applicant turns out to be not suitable anyway. This is because all applicants are doing and saying the same thing.
    Here is a list of things to do and say to help you gain the attention of the interviewer.

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    As men growing up, we've been told the story by friends, family, TV, movies and our religious institutions, that every relationship should be "happily ever after". But nothing is further from the truth, because it turns out that nothing lasts forever. Not even your life. And most men don't want to break the bad news when it comes time to end the relationship. Here's how you can do it.

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    Anxiety generally comes from not having enough information about a situation that is yet to come. Here are some tips on how to reduce anxiety without taking medication or illegal drugs.

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    Bank accounts are not easy to open for teenagers. And in fact, it's getting harder and harder every day to do it because of global fraud. But with the help of your parents or a guardian you can actually get an account and even a debit card.

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    Writing an instructional guide on Funadvice can help our readers quickly solve specific problems. Typically these guides are a solid set of instructions that are easily digestible and help our readers to quickly fix a problem.

    We want our readers to "get on, get help and get off".

    This guide will show you how to write a guide that gets approved and gets seen by tens of thousands of our readers, while at the same time promoting your profile, and your website.

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