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Servo Star is a leading company of Servo voltage stabilizer manufacturer in India with a range from 5 KVA to 1000 KVA both for industrial, medical and domestic usage. Our high-end stabilizer process controls fluctuations at just 1% of voltage compared with that of 10% of a transformer type. There are a single step and 3-step Servo stabilizers also available for low voltage load pickup also. For total household protection, Servo Star is the epitome of goodwill and faith that makes all equipment run a healthy life keeping short circuit away.

To give total security to your workplace, home or office, Servo Star is the choice. With an export potential, we don’t compromise on quality. For price definitely, Servo Star is here – the brand speaks for commitment, value, and assurance. Having over two decades of successful branding, Servo Star is the Star of its class.

Servo Star India Pvt.Ltd
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