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Willan Academy of Music provides private lessons at home in New York City. Music enriches life, brings harmony at home and for the learner. We are dedicated towards providing high quality music lessons for people of all backgrounds.

4 Myths About Music Lessons Debunked

The modern world is full of fake news, half-truths, and straight-up misconceptions. This article busts 4 myths which have been planted in the music schools New York . Learn why they are false and it will help you attain your music career objective.

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Why Are Online Piano Lessons So Popular Today?

Online piano lessons in NYC have skyrocketed recently. Find out the rationales behind this trend.

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Understanding the basics of piano lessons in NYC

Most of the people, who are looking forward to learning the piano are discouraged by the many hours that it takes to learn the different music notes. This can prove to be quite boring. However, if you are planning to join piano classes nyc, you will need t

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