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Octopus Tech is an emerging Indian outsourcing company that offers call center services to companies all across the globe. We offer customized multi-channel solutions that help reduce costs and increase profitability.

Reshaping Call Centers with the Help of Artificial Intelligence

Today, Call Center Services mostly rely on telephones to conduct 2-way communications. This has worked well till now but with the changing times, it’s getting hard for customer care representatives to meet up with the ever-growing expectations of custo

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Lead Generation Services

Hard times call for hard actions. This saying has never been truer than for now. In today’s cutthroat competition, relying solely on inbound marketing to generate qualified leads is not enough. But what if you are provided with an option of outsourcing le

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BPO Outsourcing Benefits for the Insurance Sector

Insurance basically offers a protection from uncertain financial loss. This sector, to be honest, is not having its golden days recently. The shifting governmental policies and the cut-throat competition are considered to be the main reason behind it. On

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Significance of Outsourcing Telemarketing Services in the U.K.

Every prospect, once during his lifetime must go through the tough decision of choosing between outsourced telemarketing services and hiring In-house telemarketers. Though both seem pretty viable options, the winner can only be one and in the countries

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Why You Need Empathy in Your Customer Service Team

Empathy should not be confused with sympathy which is the recognition of other person’s problem, even showing concern but remain entirely unaffected from within. Empathy is connecting with others on an emotional level. Wikipedia defines Empathy as the

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Why Digital Transformation is Crucial for Contact Center’s Survival

If you are from the contact center industry, then you must have noticed many modernizations in this sector in the past few years. The industry is moving ahead with customer’s and client’s expectations to provide them a truly advanced service and solution t

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Why Analytics Has A Significant Role in Call Centers in the U.K

The call center industry in the U.K is going through a transformation. It is no longer just about answering phone calls or making calls to customers. Call centers have become a hub for customer engagement and customer satisfaction. The importance of excell

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How Call Center Services Can Help in Customer Lifecycle Management

Every business function revolves around its customers. Everything from the very first contact with them to keeping them engaged with the brand needs to be carefully managed to provide them the best experience needed. There is an entire funnel that of custo

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Providing Better Patient Care through Healthcare BPO Outsourcing

The healthcare sector is one of the most prominent sectors of the business world. The services provided by this sector are crucial and essential to any nation. From diagnosing diseases to curing them, these are some of the major functions of the companies

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The Importance of Managing Customer Experience

Making your customers happy is the chief concern for any business. I make it sound like a simple task but there are only a handful of companies that have truly been able to master the art of customer satisfaction. These are the companies that have grown ex

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What to Expect in the Call Center Industry in 2018

Not long ago, I posted an article on this blog about the various call center trends that emerged in 2017. As we are closing in on the arrival of the new year, it is time to take a good look at what the call center industry can expect to see in the coming y

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Live Chat Agents vs Chat Bots: The Future of Customer Service

The discussion on whether chatbots are the future of customer service has been around ever since this technology has been introduced in the business world. Though there are no doubts about the fact that chatbots are going to make a huge impact in the comin

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Benefits of Live Chat Support for Businesses in the U.K

The customer service agents of any company today deal with a majority of young consumers. Consumers that are tech savvy, that is online all the time thanks to their smartphones and consumers that instead of talking to a customer service rep on the phone wo

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Will Facebook Customer Chat be a Game Changer?

Facebook already has taken over the consumer market by becoming the most dominant social media platform in the world. But, apparently, they are not satisfied with just that. Facebook is now looking to dominate the business or the enterprise world as well.

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Getting your Call Center Prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The month of November officially kick-starts the holiday season across the U.S. It is not only because of Thanksgiving but also because of the two biggest sales of the year that occur in this month. I am talking about “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”. On

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Why Voice is Still an Important Customer Service Channel

I have stressed the benefits of multi-channel customer service several times in my previous blog posts. The growing number of channels that customers can use to interact with a brand has made companies switch their focus from the voice channel to others li

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How You Can Save on Customer Support Costs

Providing above par customer support has been recognized as a crucial aspect of running any successful business. When you provide your customers with good customer support, you have a greater chance of retaining them. In a competitive business environment

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Things to Consider Before Outsourcing Back Office Processes

In business, there two types of roles that the staff has to carry out. These are customer facing roles and back office roles. Back office tasks include wide range administrative tasks like order processing, accounts, and billing, data processing, data scr

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Customer Acquisition through Proactive Live Chat Support

We have previously shared a blog post with you all that stated the benefits of live chat support for e-commerce business. However, it is not just the e-commerce sector that relies on live chat support. In fact, there is hardly any business that can do

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Embodying Social Media in Call Center Services

Today’s customers are extremely active online, especially on social media platforms. They expect a prompt response from brands regarding their various queries. Businesses upon recognizing this changing trend are changing their customer engagement strategy

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Offshoring and Outsourcing: Know the Difference

Outsourcing and offshoring are two terms that I am sure every businessman is aware of whether you outsource any function of your business or not. Most of the times, these two terms are interchanged in conversation or even confused by some to think they are

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The Evolving Scope of an Indian Outsourcing Company

The Indian outsourcing sector has gone through many changes in the last two decades. There was a time when most of the call centers in India in their early phase only used to act as customer support outsourcing centers. The earliest clients of this sector

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Common Inbound Call Center Services Businesses Today Need

The BPO sector has seen many changes over the past decade. There are several call center services that have been added to an ever-growing list of offerings that contact centers are now offering businesses across the globe. There was a time when a call cent

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How Legal Process Outsourcing Can Help Your Firm

Law firms, whether they are small practices or large scale firms have a lot of important tasks to handle on a day to day basis. The great legal minds that work in your firm should remain focused on their important tasks at hand. That is why, to lighten the

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Sales Team Tasks Every Company Should Outsource

The sales department of every company is one of the top priority departments. This team works tirelessly to bring in clients for the company and handle all aspects of business development. There are many tasks in the entire sales process that can be repeti

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Banking Processes that can benefit from BPO Services in India

One of the most prominent sectors that are outsourcing their processes to call centers in India is the banking and financial services sector. With a growing number of product and services, banks cannot afford to hire in-house staff to handle non-essent

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Call Center Trends that Emerged in 2017

2017 has been a year that saw many changes in the field of both technology and customer service. These various changes have caused a major shift in the dynamics of call centers in India as well as internationally. There has been a modernization in call ce

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Discovering the Benefits of Providing Email Support Services

Most companies today put a lot of emphasis on providing good customer service. They ensure that their customer’s calls are attended in a timely and courteous manner. Apart from calls, most online businesses are focusing on live chat support on their we

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6 Ways to Raise Customer Interaction Level

During the entire customer lifecycle, your company’s representatives come into contact with your customers several times on several different platforms. Each one of these incidents has its own significance whether you realize it or not. Each of those inter

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4 Sectors that Can Capitalize on Call Center Services the Most

In today’s competitive business world, businesses are looking gain a competitive edge over their competitors while cutting down their cost of operations. This need has given a rise to the trend of many companies outsourcing their call center services to

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