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Hi. I m Sebastiano from Italy, Milan (Desio neighborhood). I accomplished one high school diploma in 2009 and another in 2014 as my parents decided two diplomas instead of one degree. I like playing with Power Point hence drawning paintings rich in fantasy apart from achieving presentations. I use Word and Power Point to write and translate reports and reviews about any topic, especially science, technology and art, from Italian into English and I will be glad to publish them when my parents authorize me. I like watching cartoons on youtube and transform works into Informatic system through apps, websites and office programs. I very much like playing with other boys but my parents generally compel me to stay indoor. I also like Learning foreign languages such as English, Russian & Spanish. I m atheist, communist, I do not agree to competitive system, I believe in a unique Euripean country with all of rhe races. Italy for italians only is ridicolous and stupid political idea. I think it is right to treat the people in a honest, rational and delicate way, without cruel and insensitive attitudes. When I m selfish and I do not help suffering people my mom gives me a lot of beatings for the whole week and she is right unfortunately. Ok guys, I will chat to you and I hope getting your friend.

Digital Art from Italy (2016)

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I think it is enough to use Office Programs, or/and Apps or/and websites to transform any work, plan, idea, topic, art into informatic system

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